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After his initial grief, he has managed fairly well to adapt to life on his own. George entered the program after being hospitalized for fainting while at the grocery store. A battery of medical tests was conducted, but no specific cause of his fainting attack could be found.

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An initial assessment by the case manager showed the need for assistance in the following areas: 1 personal care, 2 decrease in mobility, and 3 longer-term planning around living arrangement and home safety. The case manager also thought that George could benefit from setting up advance directives, which he did not want to discuss at that time. They agreed that the case manager could bring this topic up again in the future.

A case for case studies in social work research — [email protected]

As part of the practice process, the case manager used clinical rating scales that were adapted from the task-centered model. Concurrently, they evaluated changes to the respective client problems, also using a point clinical scale.

George was able to actively participate in the planning and implementation of most care-related decisions. During the course of their collaborative work, most needs were at least partially addressed.

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Two tasks were completed regarding personal care, two regarding mobility, and three addressing home safety issues. Only personal mobility was still a minor problem and required some additional work. After finishing the reassessment at 3 months, Chris completed gathering and evaluating the data for the single-subject design SSD.

As promised, she also provided George with the finished SSD findings. The following is an overview of the data that was collected for this case:. VitalBook file. The way in which social work administrators interact with diverse stakeholders such as clients, staff, board members, and community members, contributes to a model of service delivery that emphasizes quality and effectiveness. Be sure to provide specific examples in your explanations.

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Northouse, P. Introduction to leadership: Concepts and practice 4th ed. Washington, DC: Sage. Report Issue. Discussion1: Choosing and Using Single-System Design Many people receive their first introduction to the scientific method in their early school years. A case study is unique within the social sciences for its focus of study on a single entity, which can be a person, group or organization, event, action, or situation. Often, when researchers use the case study method, they focus on a case that is exceptional in some way because it is possible to learn a lot about social relationships and social forces when studying those things that deviate from norms.

Identifying Social Care Research Literature: Case Studies From Guideline Development

In doing so, a researcher is often able, through their study, to test the validity of the social theory, or to create new theories using the grounded theory method. The method has been used in sociology, psychology, and anthropology since the early 20th century. Within sociology, case studies are typically conducted with qualitative research methods. They are considered micro rather than macro in nature , and one cannot necessarily generalize the findings of a case study to other situations.

However, this is not a limitation of the method, but a strength. Through a case study based on ethnographic observation and interviews, among other methods, sociologists can illuminate otherwise hard to see and understand social relations, structures, and processes. In doing so, the findings of case studies often stimulate further research.

The mean age was 27 years range of yrs. A significant number had prior volunteer experience with older persons. Field internships varied from medical surgery units to specialty units.

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Case study 4: This is a case study course of 10 group sessions with eight children three girls and five boys in the ages of 10 to The children were seen in the setting of a special education school. They selected as they were fairly high functioning, although two of them were not, but joined as they were in the same age and could benefit improvement in their communication skills by working with peers Miller.

Since life-threatening child abuse occurs most often in infants, the children in the study were two years old or younger.

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  8. The study found that elevated stress of a soldier returning home increased the risk. Moreover, I was also given the chance to demonstrate my Korean language skills in placement. Currently, I have been able to work with the mono-lingual Korean senior population, which has helped me grow as a social worker, because.

    How to Critically Evaluate Case Studies in Social Work

    Social workers use theory in direct practice because it is important to have a profound understanding of theories which inform their practice. With a deeper analysis and further detailed discussion. This essay will identify a case I have been involved in and have continuously had to assess whilst on placement.