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Free Essays on Fire And Ice By Frost

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Previous Next. Loneliness v. The Pen is Mightier. Massive Beasts Like Us. What You Want Right Now. Loneliness in a World Full of People. This article has 1 comment. It is this more scientific approach, with a bit of an imaginative edge of course, that Robert Frost examines in his poem, "Fire and Ice". The poem is very brief, but as with all of Frost's poems, there is much to ponder in each line. Frost simply starts the poem by literally stating that some feel the earth will end in fire and that some feel cessation will come about with ice. More broadly however, Frost is probably trying to give the reader the thought that no one truly knows how the world will end and people have varying views on the matter.

Frost also goes on to convey his feelings on how he would like the conclusion to come about. And who wouldn't agree?

Analytical Essay "Fire And Ice" By Robert Frost

Fire is a very mystifying phenomenon, going way back to mythology and Prometheus" burning temptation to steal fire from the Greek Gods. On the other hand, ice is simply cold and uninteresting. Frost also makes his preference of fire over ice very clear with his tactful language and tone.

Contemplating the Ruins of Oldstones (ASOIAF Essay)

The use of the world desire in relation to an ending involving fire gives the reader a very stellar, spectacular image. Once Frost has made the reader aware of his preference of fire, he goes on to say that although fire would be his first choice, ice would also suffice. Again Frost has more subtle ways to make the reader more keenly aware of the poem. The language used as Frost goes on to speak of ice is much more dull and boring than that used in the discussion of fire. Frost presents two different options of how the world will end, "some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice.

Robert Frost states that "from what I've he has tasted of desire" that he believes that desire is such a strong force that it will cause the destruction of the world.

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Yet, on the other hand, Frost then explores and develops a case for the ice. Fire and desire consume and destroy things rapidly, yet ic Fire being the symbol for desire and passion versus ice that of hatred.

Robert Frost: Poems

Frost identifies the two scientific forms of the world end, by fire or by ice. By using fire and ice as representations of desire and hatred, Frost examined the relation between the ends of the world to the end human characteristics Frost depicts the end of the world as either being of fire or of ice. In Robert Frost's poem "Fire and Ice", Frost describes the end of the world as either being fire or ice. Also in "Fire and Ice" Frost says that "but if I had to die twice I think I know enough of hate to say that for destruction ice is also great and would suffice" What Frost is saying with this part Robert Frost focuses his poetry on his experiences of life.