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Durrell fans will treasure the book's selection of rare nonfiction, while scholars of Durrell, modernist literature, anti-authoritarian artists, and the Personalist movement will also appreciate Gifford's fine editorial work. Eliot, Dylan Thomas, Richard Aldington, Cavafy, and Seferis will discover fascinating pieces of critical analysis where they may least have expected to Receive advance notice of new and forthcoming titles.

Shooting an Elephant

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Essays | Deena Metzger

Buy from Kobo. Kindle Pages: CAD Buy from Google. At eight years old you were suddenly taken out of this warm nest and thrown into a world of force and fraud and secrecy, like a goldfish into a tank full of pike.

Orwell was above all an honest writer, a man who could admit his errors, confront what he truly believed and write in plain English what he thought. He was not just one of the greatest writers of our age, but also one of the noblest. Comments feed for this article. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Emotional shooting an elephant and other essays

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He also totally shot an elephant in the face.