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Search for:. Five Reasons to Use MLA Style To demonstrate your ability to present a professional, academic essay in the correct style To gain credibility and authenticity for your work To enhance the ability of the reader to locate information discussed in your essay To give credit where credit is due and prevent plagiarism To get a good grade or demonstrate excellence in your writing. Title Block Format You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and your title block not a separate title page; just a section at the top of the first page makes an impression on the reader.

Paragraphs and Indentation Make sure you indent five spaces from the left margin. Tables and Illustrations Place tables and illustrations as close as possible to the text they reinforce or complement. Table Parenthetical Citations You must cite your sources as you use them. Your in-text, or parenthetical, citations should do the following: Clearly indicate the specific sources also referenced in the works cited Specifically identify the location of the information that you used Keep the citation clear and concise, always confirming its accuracy. Works Cited Page After the body of your paper comes the works cited page.

Title of the website. Publication Date. Name of Organization if applicable. Date you accessed the website. Date of publication. Title of document. Organization that provides the website. Title of article. Title of Journal, Volume Issue. Title of the Book. Place of Publication: Publishing Company, Date of publication.

MLA Format and MLA Citation - Step by Step Guide

Title of the book. Place of Publication: Publishing Company. MLA 2 Dewan, S.

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Using crayons to exorcise Katrina. The New York Times. Beyond the pleasure principle. XVII, pp. London, England: Hogarth. MLA 4 Henley, D. Naming the enemy: An art therapy intervention for children with bipolar and comorbid disorders. MLA 5 Hutson, M. Art therapy: The healing arts. Psychology Today. MLA 7 Johnson, D. The role of the creative arts therapies in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological trauma. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 14, 7— MLA 8 Malchiodi, C. Art therapy sourcebook. MLA 9 Markel, R. United States: Red Pepper Films. MLA 10 Kelley, S. The use of art therapy with sexually abused children.

Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health, 22 12 , 12— MLA 11 Pifalo, T. Why art therapy? Darkness to light: Confronting child abuse with courage. Child art therapy 25th ed. New York, NY: Wiley. MLA 13 Schimek, J. International Review of Psychoanalysis, 2, — MLA 14 Strauss, M. The following questions help you to go through the process of thinking about your topic.

Answer these questions on a piece of paper or a word document. These questions will help you formulate your question.

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  4. Look over the list of questions you've written. Which of these questions is most interesting to you? Write it down. Test out your Research Question by doing a quick Google Search. Although your instructor may not let you use the articles in Google for your paper, you can often get a good start on what sorts of reasons people have for believing your issue by searching there. Spend a few minutes getting some background information on your topic and finding out if people are interested in this question, if the question is current, and if it is arguable.

    Does your question fill all those requirements? You are ready for the next step. During your research process, you will want to figure out who is interested in this question and what the different sides believe. You might already know what you think, but you might also find that as you research the question you change your mind or at least come to appreciate some of the ideas of the other points of view. Here are some questions to help you think about the rhetorical situation:. Google: Sometimes you can find good articles on Google. Be sure you get the type of articles your instructor is asking for.

    If they want peer reviewed journals, you can use Google Scholar. If they don't mind you using news magazines and other less scholarly journals, you can use the regular Google search engine, being careful to only get sources that are also in print, or from government gov or University edu websites.

    Library: If you have a school library, you can search there also.

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    These days, you can often get all the articles you need by searching online while sitting around in your pajamas. Librarians are often available to help you in the library or even online through a virtual help desk. Be sure to take advantage of their help. Rogerian Argument technique seeks to get your audience to agree with you by focusing on what you have in common. Here are some questions for you to answer to help you understand your audience. The goal of thinking through these questions is to help you make sure you have all the evidence you will need to convince your audience to believe your position.

    These questions are based on Toulmin argument strategies. Answer these questions to help you get ready to write your outline:. Use your research and your answers from the previous work to start your outline. Here are the steps for thinking through your paper:. As you write your paper, you will need to put in Author Tags to tell where you got your information. In MLA format, you will use author tags inside the sentence and also put in parenthetical citations inside the paper. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

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    Virginia Kearney more. Summary of Article How to choose research question Developing a plan for your paper Finding souces Using argument strategies Making an outline. How to Choose a Topic Look at a newspaper or news website for a current event that interests you. Make a list of things you really care about. What would you like to know more about?

    Ask some friends what they are interested in knowing more about. Think about your pet peeves or things that irritate you. Do you have something you wish worked better? You can research ideas for that. Do you wonder if something is really true or not? That could be the basis for a fact essay. You can research what other people say. Have you pondered what caused some trend or phenomenon? You can do a cause research essay looking for why something has happened. Still stumped? Look at some of my Topic Idea lists.

    Making Your Topic a Research Question Now that you have chosen a topic area, you need to turn that topic into a question you can research. For example, on the topic "Football Concussions", you could have these research questions: Fact: Do football players today have more concussions than in the past? Definition : What is the right way for a player with a concussion to be treated? Cause: What causes players to have concussions? Value: How important is it for football players to avoid concussions? Policy: How can football players in the NFL avoid the hazards of concussions? What Makes a Good Question?

    An excellent research question needs to be: Arguable: people don't agree on the answer. Current : people are still interested in knowing the answer.

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    Even better is if some current event has made people more aware of this issue. Important: people would want to know the answer because it relates to something they care about. Topic Worksheet The following questions help you to go through the process of thinking about your topic. Write out your Research Topic Idea. Write down what you already know about it.

    Try to write at least five questions about this Issue. What kinds of claims can be made from this question? What fact questions? What definition questions? Rather, you have to create a header to serve that purpose. It is a set of four lines which sits on the top-left corner of the first page.

    MLA Tutorial #1: Basic Paper Formatting

    Here are the information to be included in the individual lines —. There should a double-spacing in-between these four lines and the subsequent to it, there will be the Title of the paper. In the top-right corner of every page, you have to write the running title and the page number. It starts from the second page; the first page contains only the page number at the top-right corner. Often, students borrow ideas from pre-published works and include them in your paper. But, direct input is restricted as the consequences of plagiarism are worse so, paraphrasing the content is vital.

    This type of referencing comes under MLA in-text citation. There are a few different scenarios that call for parenthetical quotation —. To learn details of in-text citation through illustrations and descriptions, visit the blog on MLA format example. For every referencing style, there are specific rules of abbreviations but, MLA prefers rare insertion of ellipses. In case you are using any acronym, spell out the full-form and mention its meaning, as well.

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    This helps readers to get conversant with the abbreviation and avoids confusions. Also, maintains the usual flow of language in your paper.

    Beneath are a few tips with suitable examples —. Similar to abbreviations, MLA format paper has some strict numeral rules, as well. The style of Arabic number insertion differs a bit from Roman approach. Note: Never start a sentence with numbers. Either use it somewhere in the middle or spell it out in the beginning. Here end the factors to be considered while writing the document in MLA format. The subsequent section discusses the responsibilities, after finishing the draft. Though many professors allow digital submission, some do not!

    In that case, you have to prepare for hard copies. While getting your draft printed, follow the subsequent set of instructions concerning to paper type and quality. Once the copy is printed, the next big chore is keeping the pages safe and organized.