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A Matter of Choice:. Choices are like oranges. Although they appear delicious and attractive on the outside, you have to know how to pick the right one. A wrong selection can lead to a rather sour and acidic taste, quite the contrary of an expected sweetness.

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Picking oranges requires a careful and meticulous task that can result successful only if a sound judgment and focused state of mind is present. Currently, I find myself undertaking this task.

I am surrounded by a field of orange trees, a variety of options for my life, and I am faced with the challenge of picking the right choices. Choosing the right college has become a critical decision in my life. I know that this decision will affect my future and serve as a test of who I am as a Christian individual. I realize that I am not perfect and I seek to place myself in an environment where I will not only grow intellectually but also spiritually.

Its foundations on Christian principles, academic excellence, and service to the surrounding community fit the environment I desire for my college experience as well as for my Christian growth. Intellectually, APU offers me the opportunity to receive an education within a small classroom setting, allowing me to have one-on-one relationships with my professors.

I would like to have the chance to pose any questions that I may have and receive answers that will not only have a basis on academics, but also on a spiritual context. I'm not sure exactly how it compares to Baylor, but it is definitely not ultra-conservative. It is significantly less conservative than Biola, the other major Christian college in Los Angeles. Azusa Pacific is non-denominational, and while it does ask for applying students to write a statement expressing their beliefs, it does not require students to be Christians although the vast majority are.

I encountered professors from a broad range of denominations and theological stances. The stance in the religion classes was less about indoctrinating a specific theological viewpoint, and more about providing students with the tools to decide on their own beliefs.

If you are a Christian family, and your children have attended public schools so far, I would definitely recommend the Christian college experience for your daughter. It is really amazing as a young Christian to study the Bible academically, as opposed to Bible studies at church. It gives you an excellent foundation and underpinning for the rest of your faith. Additionally, the interaction with a range of other Christians, both the inspiring believers and the people who aren't walking the talk, provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to redefine yourself in your faith, and to realize that your faith is about Jesus, not about the people who follow him!

Also, not to be crass, but it's also an excellent opportunity for your daughter to find a mate that shares her beliefs. A lot of people end up meeting their future spouses in college, and it helps increase her chances of meeting someone who values the same things she does.

Does this help?

Location & Contact

October I agree with previous poster, it's a great school! My daughter goes there, loves it.

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I wouldn't call it ultra conservative either. Most of the students do see to have a strong faith, and chapel is mandatory, but campus seems to have a relaxed and accepting vibe. If your daughter is social person, I think she would like all there is to do both on and off campus.

Azusa Pacific University Admission Requirements

PM me if i can answer further questions. Thanks for much to both you.

Thanks SO much to both OF you Quotia replies 2 threads Registered User Junior Member. I've worked with some professors from APU, and my impression is the same as caitylady and elleleegreen. These professors were intellectually open, caring, and active in their fields. Not really knowing much about the institution before this, I was impressed.

April Will a graduate be "labelled" or blackballed in the entertainment industry for attending this school? I know a number of APU students, and one professor. They are wonderful, engaged, happy people and definitely not hard-core.

Azusa Pacific Reinstates Full Ban on Same-Sex Relationships

They take their faith seriously but are not rigid or judgmental. I think Azusa Pacific is a wonderful school. Their choral music program is second to none, IMO. You didn't mention your daughter's major or interests but if she has ANY interest in singing..

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Re: mandatory chapel - this can be seen as a time of rejuvenation and a celebration of faith and community rather than a chore. May Not my type of place. December I am a high school senior. I would really want to go to Azusa Pacific.

Azusa Pacific University Financial Aid and Debt

It is the only school I want to apply to. What worries me is that I have a cumulative 2. I got a in the SAT. I have taken 3 years of French but I also know Spanish. I have a medal for more than service hours.