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Quick Facts

Sir Issac Newton was an english phisicist and mathematician. When Newton was young, his primary school headmaster asked everyone to add all the numbers from one to one hundred.

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Issac found that 1 and equals to , and so does 2 and 99, 3 and Every two opposite numbers equaled , so he multiplied by 50 and got , he showed the headmaster who said it was incorrect before even looking at what he wrote down. He went back and did it again and it worked out the same as before. Issac got up and showed him, he was extremely annoyed when he saw Issacs answer was right and thats when most people figured he had genius level I.

Issac was about twenty five years old when the famous apple fell from above his head on to it giving him the inspiration to discover the theory of gravity. Basicly masses create a force that pulls towards them, the larger the mass the more force it creates.

Isaac Newton

This explains why on Earth we feel so heavy and why on the moon you can jump so high. One day Issac found himself wandering around in a market.

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He found a small glass prism and took it to the university. He opened his window, put a cardboard sheet with a small hole in it so only a thin piece of light shone through.

Isaac Newton Biography

He held up the prism to the light and the spectrum appeared, he briefly wondered why no one thought about why the colours shine throgh the prism. The next day Newton had an Idea. Issac went to the market and boought another prism. In he went to Trinity College Cambridge. Isaac Newton obtained a BA in In Isaac Newton was forced to flee Cambridge because of an outbreak of the plague and he returned temporarily to Woolsthorpe.

He returned to university in In Isaac Newton was elected a fellow of Trinity College. The same year he was elected a member of the Royal Society.

SparkNotes: Isaac Newton: Brief Overview

In February a paper he wrote about light and colours was read to the society. In Isaac Newton became Lucasian professor of mathematics. In the meantime, in , he invented a reflecting telescope.